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We are national leading companies in electromechanical components, and we serve a wide group of customers in Finland and around the world. Our products are exported to almost every continent, including China, India, Brazil, North America and South Africa.

We design and manufacture support insulators, instrument cabinet heaters and resistors suitable for demanding conditions with long experience and expertise.

Company history

  • components since 1977

Our company was founded in Loviisa in 1977, and it operated until 1997 under the name Insinööritoimisto Pekka Laakso oy, after which the name changed to Heatterm oy.

In 2006, Heatterm's business was sold, the owners became an investment fund and individuals.

5.12.2023 The manufacturing business of the Loviisa unit was sold to a company founded by the operative management. In the transaction, the company's business-related operating and inventory assets, personnel, Heatterm domain, premises and contracts will be transferred to Heatterm.

- We are satisfied with the opportunity to continue as entrepreneurs at Heatterm oy. We have decades of operational experience and a well-deserved reputation as a good supplier to valuable customers. The business will continue unchanged in the same premises and by the same people as before, says Juha Jääskeläinen.


Insinöoritoimisto Pekka Laakso oy is founded


The name changes to Heatterm oy


Heatterm's business is sold, the owners become an investment fund and individuals.


Benevic Group oy is sold to a domestic company founded by the operational management. The operation continues under the name of Heatterm oy.

Domestic reliable operator

Heatterm is a domestic company with fully domestic private ownership. We are reliable, flexible and knowledgeable. Most of our customers are long-term, and some of them have lasted even more than 30 years.

We operate in Loviisa by the highway in a hall completed in 2019, where we also keep our own warehouse. Thanks to that, we have short delivery times!

Responsible operator

Responsibility is at the center of all our activities. Our raw materials come from reliable and responsible domestic and mainly European suppliers.

We use the waste heat generated during manufacturing, avoid material waste and properly recycle everything we can: packaging plastic, metal, cardboard and paper.

We are constantly designing new, more sustainable products and operating methods together with our customers. Our goal is to optimize the life cycle value of the equipment and ensure the efficient utilization of resources, energy and time in the entire production chain.

We respect human rights and take care of our employees. We employ seven permanent employees and a few part-time entrepreneurs. Long working grooves are made with Heatterm. More than half of our staff has worked at Heatterm for more than 15 years, some for almost 40 years. We have very comprehensive occupational health care and the possibility of flexible working hours.

Our long-term customer relationships also show our commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers.

Our operations are based on safety, ethics, sustainability and longevity. Our entire operation is certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

Contact information

Länsikaari 6B
FI-07900 Loviisa

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