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  • Heatterm is a domestic designer and manufacturer of electromechanical components.

Heatterm oy

Länsikaari 6B
FI-07900 Loviisa

VAT number

050 303 2729



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Juha Jää

Juha Jääskeläinen

Managing director
Markku Mäkinen, Heatterm

Markku Mäkinen

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Invoice addresses

Heatterm Oy

  • VAT no: 3384100-9
  • Sending invoices by email:
  • Paper invoices are delivered to:
    Heatterm Oy
    PL 100
    80020 Collector Scan

Paper invoices are delivered to the billing address above.

• Please send only invoice material to the scanning address. These mails are automatically read into our company's ledger, and no other material (for example, receipts, business gifts, credit cards and entrance tickets) reaches its recipient through this.

• Preferably use only black color on a white background in the text: it gives the clearest end result for identifying the invoice information.

• You do not use staples in invoices sent to the scanning service.

Contact information

Länsikaari 6B
FI-07900 Loviisa

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