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Würth Elektro

Heatterm manufactures high-quality support insulators designed for special needs for Würth Elektro.

The partnership, which has lasted more than 10 years, is two-way: Würth Elektro supplies Heatterm with the necessary parts and products, and Heatterm manufactures a product from them. The final products combine the expertise of both.

"It is particularly important to us how smooth Heatterm has made the processes of ordering and delivering products. If necessary, we can get goods moving in both directions very quickly," says Mikko Mäki, Würth Elektro's sales manager.

"When the partner is in Finland, it means, for example, that parts or products are not needlessly sent back and forth around the world. Of course, it speeds up processes, but it also saves natural resources and promotes cost management at the same time."

Glaston Finland

Heatterm ensures the operation of Glaston's glass processing machines with high-quality furnace heat resistors.

"Since the beginning of the 2000s, Heatterm has been manufacturing electrical resistors for heat treatment machines for Glaston. This is a necessary and very important element, because resistors play a major role in the precise heat treatment of glass," says Jarkko Ruohonen, Director of Material Management at Glaston's Tampere factory.

In the heat treatment of glass, the tempered glass is heated quickly and in a controlled manner to several hundred degrees. This requires the structures and components used in the machines to have durability that you can rely on. In Glaston Finland oy's devices, managing high temperatures is an everyday core competence. Heatterm oy's responsibility is to use high-quality thermal resistors to ensure that Glaston's glass processing machines operate without interference in challenging conditions.

Flexibility is important to Glaston, as there is a constant need for new parts and spare parts.

"During this year, we have already ordered 300 different resistance titles. It speaks well of why the service offered by Heatterm is important to us."

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