• A long-lived manufacturer of resistance elements in Finland.

Metallic resistors

Heatterm manufactures high-quality resistors that are suitable for demanding applications. Our selections include both power resistors and element resistors.

We have manufactured thousands of different resistors over the years and are constantly designing new models to meet our customers' needs. A large part of these models have become standard products for our customers!

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Power resistors

  • starting and braking resistors

Heatterm manufactures starting and braking resistors and load resistors.

Starting and braking resistors are mainly used to keep the electrical network stable during the start-up and shutdown phases of high-voltage motors.

Load resistors are used to discharge large voltage loads in a short time.

Heating elements

  • Tailor-made resistors for customer needs!

We manufacture heating elements for many different needs. Heating elements are used for heat treatment of various materials in industrial applications, such as ceramic firing furnaces, glass melting furnaces, melting processes of aluminum compounds and heat treatment furnaces.

Fast delivery times

Thanks to our warehouse, we have very fast delivery times.
You get the resistors quickly and flexibly.

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