Support insulators

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We manufacture support insulators in different designs or completely customized. We have more than 100 standard models in our selection, in addition to which we manufacture insulators for our customers with different lengths and diameters, with an accuracy of up to half a millimeter.

Very durable plastic insulators
– also in ceramic

Heatterm's support insulators are made of polyamide by injection molding, thanks to which they have excellent insulation and tensile strength.

The continuous heat resistance of polyamide support insulators is 130 degrees and the melting point is 260 degrees.

Our collection also includes ceramic insulators with a heat resistance of up to 800 degrees. Please confirm the availability of ceramic models separately.

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Domestic insulators for electrical insulation and mechanical support

  • We manufacture more than 2 million support insulators annually.

Support insulators are used, for example, between circuit boards and to separate busbars in frames. They are an integral part of electrical assemblies and applications that require both electrical insulation and a mechanical support structure.

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